Crate VTX200 Guitar Amp
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Users Manual (PDF)

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Following is a summary taken from the owners manual, not that anyone ever reads an amp manual. This amp is very versatile and very easy to use. 200 Watts (100 Watts per stereo channel)

"You are now the proud owner of the Crate VTX200S three-channel guitar amplifier with Stereo Digital Signal Processing (DSP). This rugged amplifier combines out- standing features with serious clean and distorted sounds. Dual DSP controls provide 15 “Must Have” effects and 15 Delay effects which can be combined for a wide variety of sounds. The Save/Tap button allows you to manually set the tempo of many of the effects and to save new DSP presets in the amplifier’s non-volatile memory. A separate Reverb control adds even more to the array of effects. Channel switching and DSP may be controlled by means of a footswitch, which also allows access to two DSP presets on each of the three channels. Stereo and Mono Effects Loops allow you to connect additional effects for even greater flexibility. The electronic tuner (with a Mute switch for silent tuning) lets you get tuned and stay in tune any time the amplifier is on."